Most Pictures displayed on GlamourOasis.com have been collected from a wide range of resources, including but not limited to free websites. Some have either been emailed to us, some uploaded on the site and some created by ourselves.

If you object to a Picture displayed on our site, please Contact Us with the Picture title and your cause for concern, whether it being your own Picture you’ve created and do not wish to share or may it be something you might find explicit, un-ethical, inappropriate etc. When we read your email we will assess it and if it deems fit we will take the Picture off the site immediately. ‘Hotlinking’ to any of Pictures displayed on GlamourOasis.com is strictly prohibited without our permission.
GlamourOasis.com reserves the right to decide to host or not any Picture that were sent to us.
GlamourOasis.com also reserves the right to modify anything on the Pictures that were sent to us.
GlamourOasis.com will also add the GlamourOasis.com watermark on the Picture in order to identify that GlamourOasis.com is hosting that Picture.

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